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            Balcony Net

              Our high quality Balcony Net have low elastic , high tear and puncture resistance, a long life expectancy, ultraviolet resistance, anti acid and alkali, high temperature-resistance, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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            Enjoy your outdoor living spaces and remain cooler with knitted fabric specially designed to breathe.Balcony 

            Net can block harmful sun rays yet remains totally unaffected by moisture and nature temperature extremes. 

            Balcony Net canbest way to expand your outdoor enjoyment without absorbing UV rays which cause serious 

            sunburns or other problems.

            ?  Material: virgin HDPE and UV resistant

            Any color is available.

            ?  Shade rate 50%-95%

            ?  Weight :160gsm - 330 gsm

            ?  Useful life: 3-5 years.

            ?  Width: According to your request

            ?  Length: According to your request




             heavy duty PRINT shade net with logo pringted usually used for game or race fencing,cargo shed,music 


             blue pringting shade mesh can be used as waterproof sun shade netting,windbreak mesh,safety fencing nets,anti 

                 hail snow frost rain fabric mesh,swimming pool covering,marketing propaganda.

             top quality redhas 95% shading rate can provide a perfect environment for watching a game or race,especially for 


             print shade cloth manufacture custom quality shade mesh with logo printed for your company and car parking 

                 cloth market,it will be very special and be popular with customer.

             print shade net  is easy handle and can be used for the next time.


            Packing: logo printed shade cloth mesh sail normally packed in rolls or in bales with one strong woven PP bag.

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