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          1. Greenhouse Insect Screen

              Plain weave, light weight, beautiful generous, acid and alkali resistance, anticorrosion, ventilated breathe freely, easily clean, qualitative light,cheap, etc.

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            Greenhouse Insect Screen is a new product for agriculture ,it can improve the harvest for farmer ,the 50mesh 125g 

            is widely used for greenhouse covering .

            Greenhouse Insect Screen is widely used for greenhouse cover ,vegetable hail protection ,vegetable insect 

            protection and also widely used for sail fishing .

            ? Material : 100% Virgin HDPE , 70% Virgin HDPE and 30 % Recycle .

            Width : 1m , 1.5m , 1.7 m , 2m , 3m , 4m , 6m , 10 . The max width we can manufacture is 3m , over 3m ,we need to 

                sew.But it does not affect the application .

            ? Standard Length : 100 m

            ? Mesh : 8 , 20 , 25 x 25 , 40 x 25 , 50 x 25 , 60 .

            ? Weight /m2 : 30g , 40g , 60g , 70g,80g , 90g , 100g , 125g,130g , 140g,150g , 200g etc.

            Wire Dia. : 0.08mm , 0.13mm , 0.15mm , 0.2mm , 0.23mm etc.

            Color : Generally speaking is white , transparent , green .

            ? MOQ : 1x 20 ' container , it can be accommodated with about 4-5 Ton 

            ? Manufacture Time : 15 days , after we have received the advance .

            ? Package : Plastic film for each roll.


            Plain weave, light weight, beautiful generous, acid and alkali resistance, anticorrosion, ventilated breathe freely, 

            easily clean, qualitative light,cheap, etc.


            Greenhouse Insect Screen for vegetable nets, the anti insect screen apply for vegetable growth, yield, good 

            ventilated permeability, can prevent hail, windy, ultraviolet radiation, can prevent insect invasion, for instance, aphids,Coccinella septempunctta, etc; save the expense  of farmchemical. 

            The vegetable our products belong to green pollution-free food, can sell a good price, general use 3-5 years. 


            As 23-year manufacturer and exporter ,We have professional and stable suppliers of raw materials

            so based on the same quality, we can always get lower prices of raw materials.

            · 3 sets of wire drawing machines,2 sets of drawing flat wire machines. Production capacity: 12tons/day

            · 4sets of 4m Netting machines for round wire, 10sets of 6m Netting machines for round wire,

              4 sets of Netting machines for flat wire, Production capacity: 12tons/day

            · 15 sets of sewing machines, Production capacity :3000pcs/day

            · 6 sets of eyelets nailing machines, Production capacity :3000pcs/day

            · 3 sets of rolling packing machines, Production capacity :500rolls/day

            We are honest to do long term business with you, Pls feel free to contact us anytime !

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