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          1. Ground Cover Cloth

              Ground Cover Cloth

              High quality and good price  pp woven weed control fabric/polypropylene  woven ground cover sheet/cloth

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            Ground Cover Cloth is also called weed control mat.

            It is special for agriculturegarden,horticultural,household,greenhouse,farm,etc.

            High quality and good price  pp woven weed control fabric/polypropylene  woven ground cover sheet/cloth.



            Ground cover / weed control mat/Anti grass cloth






            50m,100m,200m or as your request.

            Shade rate



            Black, Green,Or white(any colour is available)


            100% material of PE/PP

            Delivery time

            35 days after order


            As your request

            Min order

            2 ton/tons

            Terms of Payment



            as customer request

            1*20FT container can load 10T

            1*40FT container can load  20T


            Ground Cover Cloth is special for agriculturegarden,horticultural,household,greenhouse,farm,etc.

            1. Prevent weeds from growing on the ground

            2. Remove water from the ground and keep it clean.

            3. Plant nurseries, vegetable and water orchards, gardens, shrubs, under the floor shelf, under the artificial lawn.

            4. Allow air, nutrients and water to penetrate into the soil



            Warehouse Management

            ·TuoHua have more than 5,000 sqm warehouse to stock goods

            ·we have professional warehouse management system, not only keep clean and dry, but also ensure the packing

            ·All the goods stock respectively according to different orders

            ·As long as the goods exceeds 3% of the damage, we will conduct full inspection

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