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            Specifications for Olive Net

            Jan 19, 2020

            Olive Net is a single-filament plastic net meeting international specifications.

            It is quite sturdy,  and it can used a most reliable tool in the hands of olives harvesters.

            The raw materials utilized for the production of the nets are non-toxic and have no effect on the products that 

            come into contact with the nets.

            The dimensions can made according to consumer’s needs.

            Olive Net Material :100%virgin HDPE   0.3% UV 


            Mesh hole:5*5;2*2;6*6;8*5

            Colour:blue;yellow;green;red(as per required)

            Roll width:1-15M(as per required) 

            Roll Length:1-50M;1-100M;1-200M (as per required

            Olive Net Type:Wrap knitted

            U.V.:As per required  


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