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            PE Tarpaulin Pcs

              High strength, Ageing resistant ,Anti-corrosion, Easy to install and take down, Re-usable, Flexible and lightweight.

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            PE Tarpaulin is widely used for truck canopy,ship cover and cargo storage or transportation in mineral factories and 

            ports,also can be used as tents in outside travel and calamities.

            PE Tarpaulin is used to cover and protect the goods in the open air and avoid the goods getting wet.


            Material : PP or PE (Inner HDPE Woven Fabric, HDPElaminated both sides )

            Weight : 50g~300g/m2 

            Width :  2 meter or 4 meter withou joint. Available for wider fabric by heat sealing. Or as the client's requirment

            Length  50m ~ 200m 

            Density/sq.inch :  7X6, 7X7, 8X7, 8X8, 10X8, 10X10, 12X12, 14X14, 16X16 ( 2x3m, 3x4m,3x5m, 4x5m, 4x6m, 5x8m, 

                                                     6x8m,6x10m, 2.5x3.6m, 3.6x5.4m, 5.4x7.2m, 7.2x9m, 10x50m.) 

            Making : A. All edges with PP rope in hem;

                         B. Rustproof Aluminum eyelet in 1m (1 yard or 3 feet) interval;

                            C. Each piece folded into a plastic bag with customer's label inserted;

            Color : Green, White, Blue, Silver , Blue White, Blue Silver,Blue Orange etc., any colors as the client's requirments.


            PE Tarpaulin widely used for truck canopy, ship, cover and cargo storage or transportation in mineral factories 

            and ports.

            PE Tarpaulin can be used as tents in outside, travel and calamities.

            PE Tarpaulin is to cover and protect the goods in the open air.


            As 23-year manufacturer and exporter, We have professional and stable suppliers of raw materials, so based 

            on the same quality, we can always get lower prices of raw materials.

            · 4 sets of wire drawing machines. Production capacity: 25tons/day

            · 80 sets of weaving machines. Production capacity: 25tons/day

            · 2 sets of laminated-film machines, Production capacity :60tons/day

            · 2 heat sealing machines, Production capacity :20tons/day

            · 4 packing machines, Production capacity :20tons/day


            · We have 1000m2warehouse to store Raw Material,New Material and Recycle material is stored separately

            · All raw material bags are packed by pallets to prevent the damage from moisture

            · The quality of raw material is not lower than 200tons to ensure production


            · We have more than5,000 sqm warehouse to stock goods

            · we have professional warehouse management system, not only keep clean and dry, but also ensure the packing

            · All the goods stock respectively according to different orders


            Quality Assurance

            · We regard quality as basic factor for Enterprise development

            · From the raw materials to the final product, we are committed to quality, innovation and a desire to go beyond the

              needs of  customer

            · The daily production capacity is 25 MTS

            · We have strict quality control system, all products will be checked carefully at least 3 times during the production, 

              finished production and before loading by QC, which enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction

            · Meanwhile, we keep communication with customers in time which enable us to guarantee customer satisfaction

            Hebei Tuohua Metal Products Co.,Ltd

            Tel:+86-18632802615 /Fax:+86-311-80980025

            Whatsapp:+86 18632802615 QQ:2270307746 Skype:helen.tuohua

            Email:[email protected]

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