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            Shade Sail

              These shade sails are widely used in hilly area where sunlight is often minimal.The shade sail is reusable, variety of product can providing 60%-96% shade from the sun on hot summer day.All the shade sails have reinforced edges with grommets that make it easy to attach and remove.

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            Product Description

            Made up of finest quality raw material, these greenhouse Shade Sail are widely used in hilly area where sunlight is often 

            minimal and cultivation requires such equipment to survive.

            The Shade Sail (polypropylene) mesh shade cloth is reusable, available in black or other colors,  variety of product can providing 60%-96% shade from the sun on hot summer day. 

            Shade Sail can lower the temperature to help protect your special plants. All the Shade Sail have reinforced edges with 

            grommets that make it easy to attach and remove.

            Product Sun Shade Sail
            Material 100% new material (HDPE )
            Specification Weight: 160gsm~360gsm Color: According to Customer's Request
             Shade Rate: 30%-90% Shape: Triangle, Square, Rectangle


             Plastic bag with tag  inside,several packing into a carton


             Wear-resisting , Corrosion-resisting , Fine toughness ,Long lasting time

            Delivery time

             Within 35 days after receiving the  prepayment


            Shade Sail Details

            Shade Sail is woven from high-density polyethylene, allowing heat and humidity to rise through the fabric while lowering the 

            ambient air temperature by up to 33 percent.


            Package of Shade Sail

            Application of Shade Sail

            They’re ideal for use in public outdoor areas - at shopping centers, car yards, mine sites, community centers, child care

            centers, construction sites, schools, outdoor playgrounds and sporting venues. 

            Shade Sails can be easily removed if necessary.

            Make your outdoor living spaces more comfortable and enjoyable with a Sun Shade sail. With a sun sail it provides 

            shade and allows air circulation. It blocks harmful UV rays that prevents sunburns and skin cancer.

            With sun sails it makes enjoying time in the sun bearable. It is constructed of polyethylene so it is resistant to moisture and 

            natural extreme temperatures.

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